Next time you're at the Stables take a moment to say Hi to our school horses!



Name: Darcy (RalvonHasa)
Breed: Arabian
Age: 18yo (DOB 29/9/1992)
Height: 15.2hh
Colour: Grey (I was born Chestnut!)
Description: Before joining the KBS Riding SchooI was shown in Arabin Halter quite successfully at shows such as the Sydney Royal Easter show!!! I also did trail riding, endurance riding, and have competed in Novice Dressage. I love to teach our experienced riders dressage and jumping! My best friend is another Arab named Taj!




Name: Luke (Sa’Luka)

Breed: Arabian

Age: 15yo (DOB 10/10/1995)

Height: 15.2hh

Colour: Grey (I was born Bay!)

Description: I love playing games and jumping with our intermediate riders. I’m also the best school horse to learn dressage on for our more experienced riders and one of the comfiest horses to learn bareback on. I’ve taught many of our KBS boarders how to ride dressage before they got their own horse to compete on and have even competed successfully out at Interschools and Eventing (Dressage, Show Jumping, Cross Country) with some of our staff members and show squad riders!



Name: Summer (Dandaloo Shiralee)

Breed: Anglo Arabian

Age: 13yo (DOB 30/11/1997)

Height: 15.2hh

Colour: Chestnut

Description: I love jumping, playing games and teaching dressage to our more experienced KBS riders. I even successfully competed out at Interschools with one of our show squad riders in dressage, jumping, hacking and eventing. I’m one of the prettiest KBS school horses with my pretty flaxen blonde mane and tail and before joining the Riding School, in 2008 I had a little Arab colt.




Name: Sharna (KoranullaSharna)

Breed: Appaloosa x Riding Pony

Age: 18yo

Height: 14.1hh

Colour: Blue Roan Appaloosa

Description: I love being ridden by adults and children of all ages and experiences! I love teaching kids how to trot and canter. My favourite activities are games and jumping. My boyfriend is Boots!




Name: Tipsey   

Breed: Australian Stock Horse

Age: 16yo

Height: 16hh

Colour: Palomino

Description: I love teaching our intermediate riders how to canter, jump and play games. I got my name from my float ride to Kurnell, I was a little wobbly in the float so my new mums called me "Tipsey". My best friend is Rome and we hang together each day and are stables next to one another at night.




Name: Rome

Breed: Thorough Bred

Age: 17yo

Height: 15.3hh

Colour: Chestnut

Description: I have been in the riding school since January 2012 and 

love my job. My favourite is teaching our customers to jump but I am also

really really good at dressage. I lived at the stables for about 4 years before

becoming a schoolie and in that time I went to things like 'jump club' and

pony club.



Name: Boots

Breed:  some sort of Pony

Age: 25yo

Height: 14hh

Colour: Bay with 4 white socks

Description: I teach beginners and intermediate riders. I got my name Boots for

two reasons one is because I have four white socks and the other is because I

can be a litte slow on some occasions. I love teaching kids and adults. My girlfriend

is Sharna and I follow her everywhere and we live next to each other at night. Come

and say Hi next time you're out, I love carrots...!











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